UI & UX Design
Web Development

We help small and medium-sized business to deliver digital experiences with added value.

Web Development

Altogether more than 8 years experience in the WordPress development.

Website Development

Because it is 2022 and a website is a must

Online Store Development

Because the world is huge and customers are behind the corner

Customer-Centric Web Design

Because the experience of your customers is important

WordPress Plugin Development

Because when nothing helps plugins come to save the day

Tweaks and Customizations

Because you can be better than the others

Support and Maintenance

Because you need time for your business

UI & UX Design

Be the King of your Content !

Corporate Design & Logo

Because you are creating a brand

Graphic Design for Print

Because you must be always prepared

Social Network Visualizations

Because everybody is on socials

Creative Copywriting

Because the message you send to your customers is important

Infographic Design

Because you can say it without words

Email Templates

Because you can be unique in your communication

Process flow of Codopolis
Process flow of Codopolis


Web Design


Graphic Design


Web Design, Web Development


Web Design, Web Development

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